Everything in the world of buttons!

Regardless of whether it’s for retail or wholesale, trade shows, special sales promotion, coaching, conferences, events, etc. Unique and tailored to your purpose, buttons spread your advertising message and create a stir with your target audience!
We offer a wide range of models. From classic and timeless buttons with safety pins to clip-ons which are gentle on clothing.

Or can it be a little edgy and special?


How about a marketing button that can be used as a bottle opener, for example? Or a button that can be used as a perfect mirror with a subtle, decent advertising message engraved or stamped on the side? No matter what ideas you have, we will help you to achieve them and would like to offer you the best possible solution!
We would be happy to provide you with the right machinery so that you can easily produce your buttons on your own! Of course, we also offer you all raw material in perfect Berning Accessories quality!

Do you find it to be too expensive to produce buttons yourself?

 No problem! Upon request, we produce customised buttons so that they arrive quickly and on time in any quantity and proper quality according to your preferences.

Ask us! We would be happy to help and advise you.