Company history 

If you are among the few people who have not yet heard of us, here is a brief description about us and what we do for you!
The Berning Accessories Company has a long tradition as a family business. In 1919, Otto Berning Senior founded the Obeco company which was later renamed Astor. Astor was characterised by very high value and high quality products. This quality and diverse product range quickly brought the company an excellent reputation and it was fast becoming one of the most important suppliers in the country. Astor also gained an international reputation quite quickly and had base locations in more than 30 countries. The company always strived for a wide range of products for its customers.  Based on its aim to fulfil every customer request, the company became partners with the Gutos Company in 1965. Gutos is distinguished worldwide for their excellent quality and unique product range in terms of hook-and eye systems; it therefore perfectly complemented Astor’s products. 
In 1999, a subsidiary company was founded in Vienna which was completely independent of Astor Berning Accessories. That way, the customer had the opportunity to benefit from years of expertise from these unique companies! Because of the limited corporate structure and the large number of contacts and partners, it is possible for Berning Accessories to provide solutions for virtually all types of customer needs and to deliver quickly and on schedule!
It means having the product variety, quality and assurance of a large company paired with orientation, flexibility and speed of a medium-sized company!
The person responsible for this is Klaus Berning, the owner of Berning Accessories who represents the company in its fourth generation. The concepts of service and quality are therefore constantly improving and expanding!
The current standard product range includes:
  • buttons, zippers and buckles for every conceivable purpose 
  • badge buttons, belt material for belts made of fabric 
  • buttons and accessories for upholstered furniture
  • machines and tools 
All the products available within our product range at Berning Accessories are certified! Do you have an idea? We have the solution!

Take advantage of this opportunity and seize our knowledge and expertise. Contact us! We would be delighted to advise and support you whether it is something small or large. We can help!