In 1885, Heribert Bauer from Pforzheim invented the first snap of the modern era. Since then, the style and technology have involved as well as the workmanship and materials have come a long way. Different applications have different requirements and capabilities of what would appear to be an unassuming fastener. 
Here, you can choose from a variety of snaps! We have the right solution for almost every purpose. Short, tall, thick, thin, heavy, light, you name it, whatever snap requirements you have, we will find an appropriate match from our product line! 
We distinguish between two types of buttons, namely, metal and plastic.
Simply ask: we’ll advise you as to the style and material and will help you find the right snap for your product! Whether it’s a purse, clothing accessory, article of clothing or really anything else, we can handle it! We have the right solution for your request!