Why do trousers use hooks and eyes instead of other fasteners?

The use of hooks and eyes as waistband fasteners ensures a consistent, correct closure of the waistband and therefore the garment. Zippers and buttons are fine and waistbands stay put so the fit lasts longer. Buttonholes expand as do thread lengths in the button area, loose buttons fall off and snaps may eventually stop working.
The advantages of using hooks and eyes to fasten trousers compared to other systems include the following:
Practical for any clothing.
The use of hooks and eyes opens many design opportunities in the waistband area. On one hand, the fastening system is a functional waistband solution and on the other, they offer a decorative alternative to buttons.
Variety for all fabrics
By using different models and designs, the fastening system can be integrated into the overall picture of the garment​​. The colours of the metal hooks and eyes harmonize very well with a variety of fabrics.
Design for strong brands
The preventative turning GUTOS system allows the outside of the waist to have an unmoving button attachment which faces the outside so that customer-designed branding is visible.
Individuality for each request
Whether you’d only like hooks and eyes or will use them in conjunction with other fasteners, whether hidden in the waistband or exposed, the customer creates the design and we combine these ideas with technology for an individually tailored fastening technique.
These are just some of the many advantages compared to conventional means of fastening! Choose from our huge assortment of trousers clasps and matching eyes. Ask us - we would be happy to advise you and help you make the right choice!