We also offer a wide range of various machines to make buttons more independently! Whether it’s a small series or large-scale mass production, we have machines and tools which are ready for any order!
We’ll provide you with machines for Gutos products as well as machinery required by ASTOR Berning raw parts and other manufacturers!
A small example of machines we have in our assortment:
  • punching machines
  • embossing machines
  • perforators
  • slip machines
  • button machines
  • buckle machines
  • stencil tables 
  • hand presses 
  • and many more…
Pneumatically, electrically, or manually depending on the desired application!
We will be happy to advise and assist you!
Ask us! We will help you make the right choice about which machine to use!
You have the idea and we have the right equipment so that getting to work is easy!





Slip machines