The zipper is a well-liked fastener which relies on a clamping principle. It consists of two side panels with small teeth, a slider and connected pull which are used to join or separate the teeth. Zippers can now be produced inexpensively in metal as well as plastic. There are also water-resistant zippers. In the field of clothing and leather goods, zippers are among the most important fasteners.
As simple as it sounds, the quality of zippers may vary greatly between manufacturers! That's why we provide you with exclusively high-quality zippers which maintain their hold as they are promised and are excellent and unique in quality.
You only need to decide on the following:
Straight zip or spiral?
Metal or plastic?
Different colours?
For special applications?
Contact us and let us know what you’d like! We guarantee we’ll have the right zipper for you! Allow yourself to be blown away by our skills.